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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: When will my order ship?

Most orders ship within 1-2 business days from when the order is placed if the items are in stock and ready to ship. If you have purchased an item that is available in multiple sizes (827-series, PHX-series & FSD-series stickers) please read below. From time to a product that is in stock may become out of stock and we will contact you about that out of stock item.

Custom stickers and products that are available in multiple sizes (827-series, PHX-series & FSD-series stickers) ship in 5-7 business days because all are printed as ordered, as we do not stock all sizes of each product.

Question #2: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

When an order leaves our warehouse you will receive an email that your order has shipped. Depending on the shipping service chosen is how long it may take for an order to be received. Orders are shipped USPS first class mail and USPS priority mail. USPS first class mail has a delivery time of 2-7 business days, and USPS priority mail has 2-3 business day deliver. We have had customers experience orders taking up to 2 weeks for delivery from the postal service.

Question #3: I received a shipping confirmation, but my order has not arrived?

If an order does not arrive within 2 weeks of shipping we will promptly either refund the order or ship the order again. From time to time we have experienced the United States Postal Service sometimes takes up to 2 weeks to deliver an order.

USPS Priority mail order will have a tracking number, while USPS first class mail packages will not include a tracking number.

Question #4: Can I order through the mail and pay by check or money order?

Yes. Please click here to find out about our mail order directions.

Question #5: What is your return policy?

Please click here to read our return policy.

Question #6: How does magnetize work?

Please click Click here to read our magnetizing instructions.

Question #7: How can I get a custom sticker made?

Please click here to submit a custom sticker inquiry.