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Why Do People Love Stickers

Why do people love stickers?

Chances are if you have a hobby or an opinion, you have probably peeled the back of a sticky piece of vinyl a time or two. The love for these adhesive pieces of infinite possibilities comes with no expiration.

Remember those star charts?
Have you ever worn an “I Voted” sticker as a badge of honor?
Ever sat in traffic and had a humorous car decal lift a corner of your mouth?

Bet a sticker wouldn’t be too difficult to spot in a quick game of I-Spy. They’re everywhere, used by everyone, for anything and everything.

Why do we like them so much? Well here’s the sticker skinny.

Stickers showcase our personalities. They’re a great way to show our likes, identify us as a part of a group and show others where our alliances lie.

Stickers serve as a great ice breaker. They allow us to easily identify people with common interests, goals and experiences. It’s innate to want to initiate conversation with those we resonate with.

Stickers are inclusive. The world can sometimes makes us feel numerical and standardized. Stickers help us feel apart of something. Belongingness is central in motivating human behavior.

Stickers are supportive and promotive. If you have created a brand that you’re proud of, hopefully others have similar feelings and are equally proud to show their loyalty to your brand. Not to mention, who doesn’t like receiving things?

Stickers are simple yet expressive. They’re enhancive and appreciative. They’re affordable and well received. Individuality is a crucial part of current times. Stickers serve as a perfect medium for businesses, artists, crafters, causes and individuals.

There are no limits when it comes to stickers. A sticker can be any size, shape or color. Stickers can take an ordinary items and turn it into a multifaceted tool. A sticker on a coffee mug transforms a device for holding hot liquids into a conversation starter. It becomes a free billboard. A sticker will bring attention to specific topic that is presumably important to the beholder. A simple sticker has a lot to say.

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